Breathable Half Face Mask

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·         Material: Fleece fabric material, soft to wear, protect your face and neck away from cold wind, dust,keep warm.


·         Design: Easy to put on and take off. Fits above the ears and nose while still keeping the full neck covered. Perfect protection against cold, snow and wind in winter.


·         Breathable Hole:With a breathable Hole to ventilate the air for Breathing more Oxygen conveniently


·         One size fit all: With spring character for fitting all sizes.Commonly used for men&women


·         Suitable for climbing, cycling, motorcycling, skating, skiing and so on. Recommended when going out for cold winter!


·         Product description


·         Breathable Mask Cover Neck Guard Scarf For Outdoor Cycling Ride &Fit Cold Weather Sport Activities ☞Extremely Warm & Comfortable Balaclava That Keeps Out The Cold Wind & Cold Temperatures. The extra length in the front and back extends to into your jacket to help completely seal out the cold. Your Head, Face, Neck, & Chest Will Stay Warm In The Harshest Elements Of Winter. ☞The one-size-fits-all easily fits, stays comfortable and is a perfect ☞fit for men, women and children. The exceptionally breathable fleece hood adds to the overall comfort and is you best partner on the road in bitter-cold conditions.